For Orosco, It's a Big Relief to Escape Shea Stadium

Win or lose, effective or ineffective, Jesse Orosco expects to be treated better by Dodger Stadium fans than those at Shea Stadium, where he formerly pitched as a member of the New York Mets.

"I received death threats all the time, but there was nothing you could do about it," the Dodgers' new left-handed relief specialist said at a Tuesday press conference. "I gave up a game-winning homer to Luis Aguayo in Philadelphia last season, and they had to escort me from the stadium because half the stadium was filled with Met fans.

"The fans in Shea were crazy. Out here it seems they're more classy. They root for their team, win or lose. Maybe there's a few boos, but in New York they boo you even when you run on the field.

"Everyone wants a winner, but if you don't win in New York, they attack you in different ways. I'm looking forward to pitching in a different atmosphere."

Orosco smiled, then added: "Hey, don't make too much of this. I don't want anyone shooting a missile at my house."

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