La Mirada Will Compile List of Emergency Disaster Volunteers

Volunteers are being sought by the city to assist in emergency situations. To provide a pool of volunteers who are pre-registered as emergency disaster workers and can be counted on quickly in time of need, the city is requesting that interested residents call the Action Center at City Hall at 943-0131. Necessary forms will be completed and names will be placed on a list of volunteer emergency disaster workers.

Emergency volunteers are being sought who have training and experience in the following fields: first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation; heavy equipment operation; carpentry; plumbing; pipe fitting; civil engineering; mechanics; photography; amateur radio operation; medical assistance; construction; electronics; building inspection; animal care; fire protection; law enforcement; office skills and human services.

Depending on the number and type of volunteers, training sessions will be developed to assure effective utilization of each individual's talents under emergency conditions. In the event of injury during emergency service, all volunteers who are pre-registered will be covered by Workmen's Compensation Insurance through a special fund with the state.

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