Sutton's Durability Could Be Worth $775,000 in Incentives

Don Sutton, who rejoined the Dodgers as a free agent Tuesday, has never been on the disabled list during a 22-year pitching career in the major leagues.

His new contract with the Dodgers emphasizes that durability. The 42-year-old right-hander can earn $775,000 by satisfying all of the incentive provisions.

The contract calls for a guaranteed salary of $350,000 and incentive bonuses totaling $425,000, it was learned Wednesday.

Here is Sutton's incentive breakdown:

--He will receive $25,000 if he is on the roster May 1, another $25,000 if on the roster June 1, $50,000 more if on the roster July 1, $75,000 more if on the roster Aug. 1 and another $75,000 if on the roster Aug. 31.

--He will receive $5,000 after starting five games, $10,000 after starting 11, $15,000 after starting 16, $20,000 after starting 21, $25,000 after starting 26 and $25,000 after starting 30.

--He also will receive $25,000 after appearing in 15 games, $25,000 after appearing in 20 and $25,000 after pitching 180 innings.

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