Westchester : Hotel Project Must Recycle

The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday approved a hotel project near Los Angeles International Airport that requires its developers to separate recyclable items from the hotel's trash.

The recycling requirement, the first imposed on a large commercial development in the city, was worked out between Westchester-area Councilwoman Ruth Galanter and officials from Ramada Inc., the developer. Galanter, who had several objections to the proposed 515-room hotel, agreed to support the project in exchange for the recycling condition.

Several council members praised Galanter for the deal, describing it as innovative and creative. However, Councilman Nate Holden criticized the project, saying that an 11-story hotel would strain the city's already overtaxed sewer system. After some discussion, though, Holden joined the other council members in unanimously approving the project.

Ramada officials said they will tear down an existing two-story Ramada Inn at the corner of Airport Boulevard and 96th Street in Westchester to make way for the development.

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