'Ordinary Isn't Bad for President'

I'd like to commend The Times for running Lapham's commentary. Although I strongly object to his implication of mediocrity of the Democratic candidates--on the contrary--their address of the issues and their general superiority to handle them, make not one, but all tower above the pandering, image-obsessed Republicans.

I completely agree with his observation of biased media treatment. The exclusivity of criticism directed toward the Democratic candidates looks more and more like a rerun of the '84 election. There are so many detrimental disasters to reveal as a result of Republican handiwork, yet all we continuously get from the press is politically irrelevant trivia, harping on the Democrats. It couldn't be an oversight, therefore, the press must be deliberately trying to sabotage public opinion of the Democrats. Indeed, the minority--recriminative--report on the Iran-Contra affair received twice the coverage of the official majority report.



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