Problems Plague Construction of the Costly Century Freeway

Your series on the Century Freeway was interesting and informative. We were not here five years ago, but I applaud the innovative judicial decision which allowed the work to go forward.

I am also saddened by the failure of many of the firms run by minorities and women. But I am puzzled that this was not anticipated. With successful programs like Headstart and retired executives aiding small businesses with their expertise . . . well in place, why wasn't something like this tried?

But more importantly, why can't it be tried? Why can't some retired construction bosses, respected by their peers, be recruited, given an office with a secretary, and loaned out to firms who request them? They could help with estimating bids, employment practices, etc. Hopefully, it is not too late for such an effort.

Perhaps it will not be, if there is still a will to make the decree work!



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