A Matter of Caring

I was deeply touched by the statement by Paul Downey, spokesman for the mayor, that the city would love to keep Plaza Hall open for the homeless, but can't because "we don't have the money" ("City, County Ease Rules for Shelters," Dec. 29).

How is it that the city found the money to buy the North Park Theater for a million dollars, found the money to give the America's Cup crowd $50,000, and every year finds more millions to give the Convention & Visitors Bureau? But when it comes to spending a few bucks for cots for the homeless, money gets very scarce.

Of course, we should remember that the city has promised to open the Balboa Park Gym to the homeless whenever the temperature drops to 35 degrees. Since the average minimum temperature in San Diego is 48 degrees in December and January, you can figure out how often the gym will be open.

The issue here is not money, the issue is caring.


San Diego

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