'Making Things Worse' in Gaza

Khalidi's article courageously drives home some unpopular facts.

"The Palestinian people have been deprived of their political and human rights."

"The Administration has pussyfooted for seven years on this issue, catering to the whims of Israel and its supporters in this country. . . ." These are strong words, based on bitter truths.

There can never be peace in the world until there is peace in Israel and Palestine. There never can be peace in Israel and Palestine until the Palestinians have a national homeland in Palestine as the Jews have a national home in Israel. There can never be such a national homeland for Palestinians while our government continues to support, financially and militarily, the rejection of that peace by Israeli intransigents. We still have a chance to bring about peace in the Middle East, but that opportunity may not last long.

Dr. Daniel Bliss, my great-grandfather, chief founder of the American University of Beirut and its first president, was one of those pioneers that helped create a tremendous reservoir of good will towards America among the peoples of the Middle East over the last century and a half. It has been a sorrow during my 50 years of residence in Lebanon to see that vast reservoir draining away due to our government's support, directly and indirectly, of the great injustices done to the Palestinian people.



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