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"Bon Jovi: Slippery When Wet--The Videos." $19.95. PolyGram. During the interview footage between songs on this for-fans-only tape, the members of chart-topping bubblegum/metal rock band Bon Jovi are asked to pick a favorite from their own videos. The puzzlement that crosses their faces is understandable: This compilation's six clips are indistinguishable, undistinguished "performance" videos (with only one an actual live performance, the other five being lip-sync jobs). Director Wayne Isham pays little mind to visual continuity: Making the players look as pretty as possible in every frame is more important than having the shots match up. And prettiness is the key to the interminable backstage footage as well. With all the bare, hairy chests on display, only teen-aged female fans are likely to have enough patience to sit through introductions to the road manager, tour accountant, wardrobe girl and other crew members. Information: (818) 955-5200. *

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