Contra Aid

Ronald Reagan has again held the Congress and the American people hostage. He threatened to bring the government to a halt by vetoing a spending bill unless it contained millions for the Contra/terrorists in Nicaragua. Congress surrendered to the President's blackmail and did include funds for Reagan's illegal activities.

The World Court has held that the U.S. efforts to overthrow the government of Nicaragua are illegal and a violation of the U.N. Charter and the Charter of the Organization of American States. Our President has something in common with some of ordinary criminals who do not believe in the rule of law either. By agreeing to Reagan's demands Congress should be considered a co-conspirator in violation of international law.

In view of a tremendous budget deficit, it defies reason to spend more millions for the use of terrorists when a Central American peace plan is in process. The only logical conclusion I can reach is that Reagan does not want the Arias peace plan to succeed, but rather that he wants to restore capitalism to Nicaragua by force.



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