Road Violence

Recently, I became the nth victim of California highway violence. One mile east of Mojave, on Highway 58, the driver of an 18-wheel rig threw a large stone that shattered my windshield. The stone was thrown from the cab of the truck.

If this was not random violence, the only conceivable explanation is that I drive a Japanese pickup truck. I do not think that professional truck drivers are in the habit of throwing deadly objects at people on the highways for nothing. I do believe that truck drivers have strong political convictions.

Was this stupid act of violence supposed to prove something?

I bought my Nissan pickup because, when I went to test-drive a Ford Ranger, it stalled on a speed bump going out of the car dealer’s parking lot.


If American truck drivers want to fight the Japanese incursion into the U.S. market, I suggest they do so by using their intelligence, not violence. I have driven my Nissan 77,000 miles with no mechanical problems.