Hoping for a Good Line

Mrs. G. O. Erickson of Ventura would like to replace an outdoor clothes line that you can pull out and attach to a wall; the one she bought some years ago (it is no longer made) is about 34 inches long and has five lines on it. Can you help Erickson let it all hang out, or will she think we're stringing her along because we make her air her dirty linen in public?

Before she throws away the Christmas messages she received a few weeks ago, Priscilla Bonasoro would like to make several trees out of these cards (for convalescent hospitals), but she needs a pattern. Can you help, or will Bonasoro want to climb a tree because nobody aided her in a good Claus?

Carole Levenson of South Pasadena is looking for a sales firm with handicapped workers where she can get long-lasting light bulbs , mostly 75-watt bulbs that burn eight hours a day for years; the company she has been doing business with is now out of business. Can you help, or will Levenson be kept in the dark on watts going on?

Reader-to Reader-Help Line: Anita at (818) 367-6690 (evenings) or (818) 847-3133 wants a talking Chatti Cathy doll for her daughter; if you could help, Anita would probably be speechless. And while, hopefully, you are going to be real dolls about this matter, keep in mind Pat at (714) 846-6250, who lives in Huntington Beach and is looking for an old (late '60s or early '70s) Barbie Doll pattern so that she can make clothes for her granddaughter; Pat doesn't like the fashions on today's dolls and will either buy or borrow the old-fashioned kind. . . . For an antique chest, Bob at (818) 956-1085 needs handles that measure 4 inches between the holes ; today's dresser handles are only four inches apart. Please help; although this may be a hole lot of work, it should not be that difficult to handle.

Note: The Reader-to-Reader Help Line is only for one-time items or for products no longer available in stores. And you must give us written permission to publish your telephone number, so that others may contact you directly.

Joan Bighead of Parker Dam, who wanted a Doggie Dooley septic tank for canine droppings, may no longer be in the doghouse. Nancy Primeaux of Long Beach mailed us a dog-eared catalogue put out by Sporting Dog Specialties, 15 Turner Drive, Box 68, Spencerport, N.Y. 14559, telephone (716) 352-1232; on Page 13 is a Doggie Dooley Dog Waste System for $42.95. We also heard from two readers who no longer need their Doggie Dooleys. Anyone interested should waste no time dropping a stamped, self-addressed envelope into a mailbox.

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