Adolfo's Traditional Spring Show Has Some Surprises

Adolfo fans turned out in force last week, eager to see how the designer would deal with the wild frivolity now spicing up spring style.

Adolfo didn't deal with it much at all for daytime, a fact that brought sighs of relief from many in the conservatively dressed, very social audience that included Anne Johnson, Jean Tailer, Marietta Tree and C. Z. Guest.

The designer's traditional navy or white wool suits with traditional braid-trim borders were as impeccably proportioned as ever. Suit skirts were just above the knee, a wearable length for almost everyone.

Surprising, but not shocking, was the number of shorts and wide-leg trouser outfits in the collection, many of them nautically inspired. Some three-piece suits, with shorts instead of skirts, were presented with coordinated knitted coats or silk jackets.

Evening dresses were a bit more frivolous. Even formal styles were in the new, above-the-knee length, and many had skirts that were stiffened and stood away from the body without benefit of petticoats. Adolfo showed only three long dresses for spring evenings.

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