Consumer Safety Commission's Ban on Selling 3-Wheeled ATVs

Well whoop dee do! So the crusading do-gooders have saved the citizens from yet another "extremely dangerous" product.

When are these impotent hypocrites who are so concerned for our well-being going to tackle the one obvious product that doesn't just inflict its great damage on the user, but on every innocent bystander within the same air space. Yep, I'm referring to cigarettes.

True, 900 deaths from ATV accidents is too many. But what about the deaths of cigarette consumers?

When someone takes a risk such as riding an ATV, that person is choosing to do so along. But when a smoker lights up, unless he is totally isolated from other living creatures, he is endangering family, friends, co-workers and strangers alike.

Your editorial correctly stated that many adults would resent restrictions on ATVs, but that was no excuse to send children out to be "killed or maimed."

However, one has only to drive by any school in the country to see legions of our youth already hooked on a product that is slowly and methodically killing every single one of them.

If the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Congress really want to benefit the masses, let's concentrate every resource available on banning the most dangerous product of all--cigarettes.


La Crescenta

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