High Standards Come Ahead of Victories

Very seldom am I so irritated by a letter to the editor that I feel compelled to write a reply, but the one from Abe Sparber (Viewpoint, Dec. 26) prompts this reply.

Sparber says that UCLA basketball coaches are working under a handicap because the entrance requirements are higher than NCAA requirements, and this means only about 15 of the top players in the country are able to meet the standards at UCLA. He goes on to say, "This is a situation that must be corrected if UCLA expects to remain competitive."

Does Mr. Sparber seriously think that UCLA should reduce its entrance requirements so he can watch a winning team? Maybe I'm wrong, but I always thought the purpose of a university was to graduate well educated and capable young people, not turn out super athletes who can barely read or write.

I, too, am an avid UCLA fan and would love to see them have a winning team, but not at the expense of academic standards. Mr. Sparber needs to straighten out his priorities.



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