Freedom Bowl Is Seen as a Waste of Time

The Freedom Bowl between the Air Force Academy and Arizona State was a complete farce. As a member of the ASU band, I wish to point out some of the problems of the bowl. Please note, I speak as an individual, and not on behalf of the band.

The Freedom Bowl seems to exist because the City of Anaheim got jealous of the City of Pasadena, so they decided to have a bowl. A poor reason for a football game. It doesn't seem as though the people of Orange County really want the Freedom Bowl, as is evidenced by the "crowd." Even last year when UCLA was there, nobody cared. The city of Tempe, which went berserk for ASU's appearance in the Rose Bowl, simply yawned at the mention of the Freedom Bowl.

Next, let me publicly condemn the Freedom Bowl officials for their treatment of the ASU band. To put us in the corner where we couldn't even see the field is inexcusable. Even at the sold-out Rose Bowl, we could see the entire field. Plus, we were limited to march a meager six-minute halftime show, so some high school band, sitting on the 50-yard line, could play on the field.

The Freedom Bowl it seems, has little support in Orange County, and provides no excitement for the schools participating. It seems to be a waste of time and huge amounts of money that could be better spent.



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