Laguna Niguel Incorporation

Will Laguna Niguel incorporate in the foreseeable future? Or will the boundary dispute with the county and the Local Agency Formation Commission become, in the words of citizen task force leader Bruce Rasner, an "emotional roadblock"? The preoccupation now is to delay incorporation of the coastal communities with Dana Point, whatever the risk to the future of Laguna Niguel. "Litigation could stretch into 1989," according to Community Council President Larry Porter.

If it were not for the misdirection of their leaders, Laguna Niguel could have been incorporated by now and have had the opportunity to control growth. If the residents continue to let their leaders spend time and money on litigation, then they must recognize the price may be forgoing growth control for years to come.

If, however, growth control remains a high priority, then the time has come to re-orient the Community Council and the task force toward eliminating the preoccupation with the one-mile stretch of seashore and instead move forward to cityhood.

There is still a Laguna Niguel to be saved.


Laguna Niguel

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