Falling in Love Again

Inter-Continental Hotels is offering special weekend rates at 10 hotels in the United States and Canada, featuring 20% to 50% discounts.

Called "Fall In Love Again," the promotion is designed for couples, but the rates apply to one or two persons in rooms, according to an Inter-Continental spokeswoman.

The program covers Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and will be in force through September. The special rates vary from hotel to hotel, and there may be blackout periods.

Holidays are included in the program, but the amount of discount may differ from the hotel's regular weekend discount. Since rooms are on a space-available basis, early reservations are advisable.

The areas involved are Miami, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Montreal, Maui and Hilton Head, S.C.

Contact travel agents or Inter-Continental at (800) 33-AGAIN.

If Montreal is your destination, the city has a Montreal-50 promotion going until April 3 that provides 50% off room rates from Thursday through Sunday nights at more than 35 participating hotels.

Upon check-in at the hotels, you also get a booklet with more than 50 coupons providing discounts at restaurants, stores, sightseeing attractions and shows/concerts. Most of the coupons are two-for-one offers, though there are some discounts off purchases and admissions.

Anyone paying their hotel bill with an American Express card also gets a free pass to the Montreal Botanical Garden, plus a gratis continental breakfast. The continental breakfasts are for each guest for each day of the stay.

As part of this promotion, VIA Rail Canada is offering a complimentary one-way upgrade to first class for passengers purchasing round-trip coach tickets for two to Montreal from such cities as Windsor, Toronto and Quebec.

This rail offer also is good until April 3. To qualify, you need to show a copy of the Montreal-50 promotional brochure, which contains a Rail Canada ad.

Copies of these brochures, and more information, are available from the Quebec Government Office, 700 S. Flower St., Los Angeles 90017, phone (213) 689-4861. Both VIA Rail and hotel reservations can be made through travel agencies. You can also call VIA Rail at (800) 361-3663.

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