Inouye Helps Hebrew Schools

Hats off to our congressmen, to the least and to the best of them, for another fine job! In the wee small hours of the morning, a national budget was readied for the approval of the President. And, what did we find hidden away among the varied and sundry line items to gladden the heart of every red-blooded American taxpayer? Why, let's take a closer look.

$8 million. Count 'em! That's eight million big ones allotted for Inouye's favorite charity. Private schools, located in France to educate Jewish refugees from Africa.

Now, I have nothing against the Jewish refugees from Africa living in France. But, in this year of the big "D" word, why, oh why, are we spending $8 million of the American taxpayers' money for this project?

When American homeless roam the streets, cold and hungry; when American farmers are facing the toughest times in more than a decade; when funds cannot be found to advance massive research for AIDS; when American education flounders for lack of funds . . . why should questionable "pocket projects" of our esteemed elected officials be allowed to ride through in a massive budget package bound for passage?

Whatever happened to the "mantle of public trust and responsibility" in which we have cloaked our honorable elected officials? This arrogant, self-serving behavior on the part of a few congressional members is an insulting slap in the face of every registered voter. Let's try to remember it when Election Day rolls around in November.



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