'Pattern' in Acts of School Trustee

Let me get this straight. Don't I remember last spring when Sharon Scott, then a mere housewife/mother and not one of the newest members to the Bonita school board, adamantly supported the Bonita Unified Teachers Assn. and the teachers in their labor dispute against the district? And didn't I hear soon after that she had "lost the trust" of these same teachers and had quickly become a flag-waver in support of the district?

And don't I also recall the time that this same Mrs. Scott led a grass-roots campaign for the recall of Robert Green from the Bonita school board, only to quickly reverse her opinion and, once becoming a member of the board herself, call the effort a waste of money?

And now, didn't I just read that this same Mrs. Scott, who last week was vehemently defending the Plato facility in San Dimas as a conscientious and environmentally safe facility, has now "lost the trust" of this facility and is calling for the AQMD to close the plant as being responsible for the emission of hazardous materials?

Isn't there a pattern forming here? Wasn't Mrs. Scott elected to serve the schoolchildren and families of the Bonita school district, and, as such, shouldn't she try to set a good example for these children she represents I honestly believe that Mrs. Scott ought to at least understand the issues being debated before she chooses a side and exerts the full weight of her position as a board member in an attempt to influence others. This kind of naivete can, as in the case of the Plato facility, lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Perhaps Mrs. Scott ought to listen more to the knowledgeable members of the community who have expended the time and effort to investigate the problem thoroughly before she takes it upon herself to decide what is best for the community in general.


La Verne

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