Pomona : Possible School Sites Picked

The Pomona Unified School District, predicting a need for five more schools in the next 12 years, has selected possible sites for two elementary schools and a high school.

Getting state funds for the two elementary schools will be the most crucial part of the effort, said Larry Goshorn, director of facility planning. He said the first choices for elementary school sites are nine-acre parcels at Ninth and Buena Vista streets in central Pomona and near Santa Clara Drive in the Phillips Ranch area of southern Pomona.

Possible sites for a new high school to serve the north Diamond Bar area are at the end of Phillips Ranch Road in southern Pomona and near Frank D. Lanterman State Hospital on Temple Road in the western area of Pomona. The high school would require 40 acres. No sites have been selected for two other elementary schools. Goshorn said the estimated cost for construction of all five schools is $54 million.

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