PFP Anniversary

Thank you for your article commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Peace and Freedom Party of California (Part I, Jan. 11). It was well written by David Haldane, revealing much complexity in relatively few words.

One matter was taken out of historical context when the article stated that the 1972 presidential standard bearer for PFP did not do as well as the 1968 ticket. The strength of the anti-war movement at that time forced the Democrats to nominate George McGovern, thus diverting most of the potential support for the PFP nominee Dr. Benjamin Spock.

In every election for the past 20 years hundreds of thousands of Californians have voted for Peace and Freedom Party candidates. Those citizens have been cheated out of their right to a voice in government. In many countries every sector of the electorate wins its fair share of seats through systems of proportional representation. PFP gets as high a percentage of votes as the West German Green Party, yet is not recognized as a viable political entity because our undemocratic election laws value "safe districts" for incumbent politicians over the right of all citizens to choose their own leadership.

Before another 20 years passes, proportional representation will be enacted through the initiative process, and supporters of a progressive political agenda will elect Peace and Freedom Party legislators to represent them in Sacramento.


Los Angeles County Chair

Peace and Freedom Party

West Hollywood

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