Assembly Committee Action: Wine Coolers: The Assembly...

Compiled by Jerry Gillam, Times staff writer

Assembly Committee Action: Wine Coolers: The Assembly Ways and Means Committee approved a bill (AB 612) by Assemblyman Byron D. Sher (D-Palo Alto) to include wine cooler bottles in the state's newly instituted anti-litter recycling program. A 14-7 vote sent the bill to the Assembly floor.

Automobile Insurance: The Assembly Finance and Insurance Committee rejected two bills (AB 754 and AB 872) by Assemblywoman Gwen Moore (D-Los Angeles) and Richard E. Floyd (D-Lawndale) to prohibit the setting of auto insurance rates based on where motorists live, a practice commonly known as "redlining." The losing votes were 4-12 and 4-11, respectively.

Bill Introductions: Latino Museum: AB 2798 by Assemblyman Charles M. Calderon (D-Alhambra) would create a Museum of Latino History to be operated by the state Department of Parks and Recreation.

Holocaust: ACR 15 by Assemblyman Richard Katz (D-Sepulveda) would designate the week of April 10-16 as Holocaust Memorial Week.

Senate Committee Action: Veterans Home: The Senate Governmental Organization Committee approved a bill (AB 200) by Assemblyman Steve Clute (D-Riverside) to authorize a $200-million bond issue to build a state veterans home in Southern California. An 8-0 vote sent the bill to the Appropriations Committee.

Bill Introductions: Child Care: SB 1758 by Sen. Art Torres (D-Los Angeles) would require the state Department of Education to develop an overall plan to meet child care needs of working parents and expand existing part-time programs.

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