Train Operators Sue Protester Brian Willson Over Accident

Willson, the protester who tried to stop a munitions train by sitting on the tracks and allowing it to run over him, has been sued by the civilian operators. While I, too, am against aid to the Contras, I was shocked at Willson's use of innocent people to help him attain his goals.

Tom Steel, Willson's attorney, says now he and other lawyers for Willson are preparing to file a claim against the Navy, asking that the Navy be held responsible for the incident, and to compensate Willson for his loss and pay his medical expenses.

Since Willson planned the event, one wonders how the Navy can be held responsible. If Jesus were around today, would he first announce he was going to be crucified to make a statement for brotherhood and mankind, and then, after the Romans crucified him as he knew they would, would his estate hire attorneys and sue, holding the soldiers responsible for his Crucifixion, and expect them to compensate for pain and suffering?

And, after he rose from the dead, I presume he would expect them to also pay for his living expenses for those remaining days!


Sherman Oaks

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