Jimmy 'the Greek' Tells Us There's Work to Do

Yeah, Jimmy, I can just see all those hordes of over-developed, over-sexed black bucks running those poor, little, frail whites out of coaching jobs. I mean there is ample evidence all around us, isn't there, Jimmy?

There's one black athletic director among the nation's 277 Division I colleges and universities. A real solid majority of blacks, right?

And then there's one black baseball manager. Oh, pardon me, I am behind the times. There was one a couple of years ago. There are none today.

Jimmy, you must mean football. At last count, there were no black head coaches and only a handful of assistant coaches in the NFL. Well, no luck there.

What about in the front offices? Maybe, Jimmy, we can find examples of black dominance there. In the NFL, there are no black owners, general manager or personnel directors. In major league baseball, there are no black owners or general managers.

Even in the NBA, dominated by black players, and where blacks have had an impact as coaches, there are no black owners and only two general managers.

So, Jimmy, your betting average on blacks in coaching and executive positions is not going to close any windows in Las Vegas. As a professional bettor yourself, you know it's pretty hard to win a game if you are not allowed to play.



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