Susan St. Sarandon

Thanks to Craig Modderno for his insightful views on our recent production in North Carolina (“Can Orion Hit and Run with ‘Bull Durham’?” Jan. 17).

You’d never know it by the article, but we had a swell time making a wonderfully funny and engaging motion picture.

While the interviews and portions of the article were clear and to the point, the location reportage leaves a mistaken impression of Susan Sarandon.

Modderno wrote that she appeared cool to cast and crew. That’s the trouble with relying on appearances--and brief ones at that--when reporting or doing anything else.


For our part, she was wonderful. A consummate professional, a dedicated actor, her contribution to “Bull Durham” is enormous. She often generated more fun during an afternoon’s shooting than one might expect on some entire productions.

While we’re sorry she would not grant Calendar an interview, you got the woman wrong. We’re pleased to have had the opportunity to work with her. You’ll see why this summer.


Executive Producer


“Bull Durham”