Shadowy Figures

Did you catch this recent ad in The Times:


ARE YOU GAY AND MARRIED to a Straight Person? Are you a Housewife Hooker? Local TV talk show looking for guests. Photographed in shadow. Call Tom at (213) 557-5184.

It's the latest February sweeps brainchild from KABC-TV, which wants a "new look" for "A.M. Los Angeles," the morning show with Steve Edwards and Cristina Ferrare.

Explained "AMLA" supervising producer Steve Ober: "We want to be looser, have more fun. We're looking for unusual people, and this is one means of finding them."

Also scheduled for February: segments on "Virgins Over 30," "past-life regression," an appearance by Ben Stein (author of that infamous Joan Rivers piece in GQ) and "a 67-year-old homecoming queen."

"AMLA" producer Barbara Chacon called them "serious topics." But Ober was more confessional: "If anybody tells you they're not trying to get ratings, they're lying. But we're (also) going to try to do this every month."

At this writing, only two readers have responded to the ad.

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