AND WAIT, THERE'S MORE: Way to go,...

AND WAIT, THERE'S MORE: Way to go, KROQ-FM! We can't get enough of Depeche Mode's wild new version of "Route 66," which has quickly become the No. 1 hit on KROQ's playlist. The only problem--we can't find it on our Depeche disc. And no wonder--it's only available as the B-side of an import single. Depech's label (Warners) is still working the band's current single, "Never Let Me Down." But perhaps the KROQ success of "Route 66" will force the label's hand--the bet here is that it pops up on the next single, also as a B-side. . . . The Smithereens will be back soon with a new album, tentatively titled "Green Thoughts." Produced by Don Dixon, it features such songs as "Spellbound," "Deep Black Lies," "House We Used to Live In" and "Drown in My Own Tears." Missing the final cut is a cover version of the old Frank and Nancy duet, "Something Stupid," which Smithereens' lead singer had performed with Marti Jones (here's hoping it makes a B-side soon). . . . The Unforgiven isn't the only local band cut loose from the Elektra Records stable. The label has recently dropped both the Pandoras and Jet Boy (leaving glam-brats Faster Pussycat as the only local boys still making good there). . . . And veteran rock writer David Fricke has finished an authorized account of Def Leppard's career titled "Animal Instinct."

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