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Rave reviews for Robin Williams have turned “Good Morning, Vietnam” into Disney/Touchstone’s second certified hit among the holiday releases. “Good Morning, Vietnam,” which went wide 11 days ago after its limited Christmas release, did its second straight $10 million-plus weekend and has now grossed $28.6 million. “Three Men and a Baby” is finally beginning to show signs of aging, but still did a hefty $6 million over its ninth weekend in wide national release. “Broadcast News” is hanging in, but given its rave reviews and critics’ awards, its $3,363 per screen average must be a disappointment for 20th Century Fox.

And on an extra note: New World’s “The Telephone,” a Whoopi Goldberg comedy, went unanswered during its opening weekend. It grossed just $54,811 in 50 theaters.

* Struggling Cannon did not get good news when the box office receipts were totaled for Chuck Norris’ “Braddock: Missing in Action III,” which averaged only $2,115 in each of the 1,040 theaters where it opened Friday.


Figures courtesy of Exhibitor Relations Co.

Weekend Screens/ Weeks Movie gross/ Average in (Studio) Total release (millions) 1. Good Morning, Vietnam $10.8 1,194 5 (Buena Vista) $28.6 $9,045 2. Three Men and a Baby $ 6.0 1,813 9 (Buena Vista) $113.8 $3,309 3. Moonstruck $ 4.8 635 6 (MGM) $13.4 $7,559 4. For Keeps $ 2.9 959 2 (Tri-Star) $ 8.9 $3,023 5. Broadcast News $ 2.6 773 6 (20th Century Fox) $31.2 $3,363 * Braddock: Missing in Action 3 $ 2.2 1,040 1 (Cannon) $ 2.2 $2,115