Lynwood : Extra School Security OKd

Concerned that an increasing number of students are taking weapons, as well as books, to school, the Lynwood school board has authorized extra security for both Lynwood Senior High School and Hosler Junior High School.

The board of the Lynwood Unified School District voted this week to hire three more security guards for the junior high and two more for the high school. Both schools now have five security guards.

Board member Thelma Calvin-Williams said the additional guards are needed because "we were having many problems at the high school and the junior high." At the high school, she said, "we've got a lot of people coming on the grounds with knives and guns." A few weeks ago, she added, a ninth grader ran off campus, shooting a gun, when he became involved in a fight.

High school Principal Larry C. Tripplett said no one has been injured in the weapons incidents, but he said they are increasing. "The community is under siege now, with drugs and gangs, so naturally some of it is going to spill over into the schools." Tripplett said he could use a security staff of 10, and he has also requested that metal detectors be installed at the high school's entrances to prevent students from carrying weapons on campus.

Williams said the district can not afford metal detectors or as many security guards as Tripplett would like.

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