Bellflower Needs Courage to Renew

Past and current (Bellflower) councils have been handmaidens to high-density building interests while paying lip service to downtown economic rehabilitation. But eminent domain is a constitutional and statutory right. The voters might do well to focus on using its power downtown.

One councilman flips a coin to make a decision and gets it to stand on end, and another thinks the opposition's ballot is stupid and a waste of time. A third believes that the only dialogue about the city should be held in his chambers. So much for accessibility and discussion with these officials. Don't bother, boys. Election convictions ring hollow now.

Bellflower's future is now being shaped out of town by city-retained consultants for $50,000. I say we either sell the city to a developer who will make hard choices or we quickly vote in some fresh, objective thinkers who will stand for a new way, exhibit some courage and have the guts to back it up.



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