Fishing Notebook : Redondo Fishing Getting Back to Normal With a Few Changes

Mop-up operations are under way in Redondo Beach where the recent storm damaged King Harbor and the fishing pier.

Redondo Sportfishing has reopened at the boat hoist. Half-day, all-day and island boats depart daily for deep-sea fishing.

The fishing fleet normally departed from the pier, which took a pounding during the storm and will be closed for three months for repairs.

South Bay Catches: Bob Ota of West Los Angeles, fishing on the Grande at Cortez Bank with live squid, caught the South Bay whopper of the week when a 38-pound, 14-ounce lingcod hit the deck.

Ralph Harris of Santa Monica, on the half-day boat Happy Man, won the jackpot with a 31-pound halibut.

Roger Harrison of West Los Angeles, fishing aboard the Sharpshooter for shallow rock cod, won the jackpot with a 22-pound halibut.

Dick Alking of Torrance won the jackpot aboard the Spitfire using cut squid when he brought to gaff a 21-pound, 4-ounce halibut.

Harry Hopkins of Mar Vista, fishing deep water, won the jackpot with a 18-pound lingcod aboard the Betty O.

Freshwater Notes: Alvin Harris of Carson, fishing Anaheim Lake with a night crawler, caught a 10-pound rainbow trout.

Joe Wallace of Long Beach, fishing Anaheim Lake using a spinner jig, caught a 10-pound rainbow.

Fish Report: Local waters continue to rebound from the storm with a variety of bottom fish. Only the surface action has slowed.

The outer islands continue to fill anglers' sacks with limits of red rock cod and big cow cod.

At Marina del Rey Sportfishing, the Betty O, the landing's rock cod special, chalked up 255 reds, one lingcod and two halibut up to 12 pounds.

The Spitfire on the three-quarter-day trip rewarded anglers with 40 sculpin and 12 halibut.

The Happy Man on the half-day run to Santa Monica Bay counted 10 halibut, 7 sole and 30 sculpin.

At Redondo Sportfishing, the Blackjack fished Santa Barbara Island and returned with 270 rock cod plus 50 grouper.

The Redondo Special, fishing the short bank on the half-day morning trip Tuesday, chalked up 118 grouper and red snapper.

At the 22nd Street Landing, the Monte Carlo fished the horseshoe kelp and oil rigs and returned with 59 calico bass plus 40 rock fish.

The Freedom fished San Nicholas Island and 480 rock fish and one lingcod were caught, the cod averaging 8 pounds.

At L. A. Harbor Sportfishing, the Matt Walsh morning run produced 40 bonito, 12 sand bass, 2 calico bass and 4 halibut to 9 pounds in the horseshoe kelp area.

The Outer Limits fished Cortez and had a limit of 225 rock cod and twin cow cod of 11 pounds each.

The Grande fished Cortez and had a limit of 415 rock cod, 12 cows and 9 lingcod

At Long Beach Sportfishing, the Reel Special fished Catalina Island for 85 rock cod, 11 whitefish and 12 sculpin.

The Sea Spray tried the Marineland and rocky point areas and returned with 54 bonito, 27 sand bass, 18 calico bass, 31 sculpin and hooked and landed 3 white sea bass but had to release them.

The Aztec fished Cortez and had a count of 325 rock cod, 12 cows and 3 lingcod going to 10 pounds.

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