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A Dutch auctioneer claims that a previously unknown painting by Vincent Van Gogh has been discovered in the home of an elderly woman in the northern Dutch town of Groningen. The 7-by-10-inch oil painting of a man holding a bouquet of flowers reportedly had been hanging in the unidentified woman's living room for years. Auctioneer Joop van den Enden told Reuters on Thursday that the owner's father acquired the painting in Rotterdam between 1910 and 1920 and that it was apparently painted around 1886. Van den Enden said the painting is signed "Vincent" in an upper left corner and carries a French inscription on the back by a Tenege Gustav saying it is an authentic Van Gogh. "We are trying to find out who Tenege Gustav was and have notified all possible interested museums of the painting. They can come and see it to decide for themselves if it is authentic," an aide to Van den Enden said.

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