Curb Space

I would like to express a different point of view than that of readers supporting the Geraldine Dallek article ("Selling Curb Space in L.A.," Letters, Jan. 16). I wish my neighborhood had "preferential parking." Parking in residential neighborhoods should be for residential use, not commercial use.

Nearby commercial property should provide adequate free parking for the customers that keep them in business. The annoyances include not only the noise of the automobiles and slamming of car doors, but also the actions of today's careless citizens who litter your yard and ignore posted parking limits. If the nearby businesses are open late at night, the noise of screeching tires and the gunning of motors is very nerve-wracking. This can happen even on streets that are not directly connected to business areas.

Many of the people parking in residential neighborhoods do it not because there is no place to park, but to save the parking fees or to save a few steps. We need better laws requiring more parking spaces per square foot for commercial space under construction.


Studio City

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