Third Base Is the Place for Dodgers' Guerrero

Mike Downey rightfully touts Kirk Gibson as an offensive asset to the Dodgers but wonders how to get him into the lineup. He missed an option.

Back before Pedro Guerrero got tired of finishing behind Mike Schmidt in the All-Star voting, (Guerrero) played third base reasonably well for a couple of seasons. If Guerrero were to put team needs above personal ones and play third base, the Dodgers could have Gibson in left, Shelby in center, Davis in right, Marshall at first and Guerrero at third. A devastating murderers' row!

True, Sax has no place in that lineup, but as an injury replacement for Marshall, Duncan, Guerrero, Davis and Gibson, Sax would get his 500 at-bats.

With Brett Butler signing with the Giants instead of the Dodgers, the Dodgers have to do something to catch up. But, objectively, how many Dodgers would crack the lineup of the Giants or Reds? Two? That's a huge burden to overcome for a pitching staff, especially one that has just lost Bob Welch.


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