President Allred?

Ever get the feeling as I do that I cannot pick up the daily paper without the name of Gloria Allred popping out at me?

It used to be that the legal profession concerned itself with corporation law, or injury cases, or divorce or crime cases.

A new category--sex discrimination law--has now come to the fore, with a seeming monopoly by Allred. She is negotiating with the Friars Club (Metro, Feb. 10), and has sued restaurants, police departments and others on the sex discrimination issue.

And now it is rumored that she may run for the office of district attorney. Why on earth she should seek public office when she can obviously make a zillion more bucks at her present endeavors--who knows?

But I have a vision--she gains the post of district attorney--which leads inevitably to the governorship in time and then, lo and behold, to the Oval Office in Washington.

Hallelujah--at last our first woman president. Ridiculous?

Nonsense. If we can put in the Oval Office a third rate, B-actor like Ronald Reagan, why not a bright, clever gal like Allred?


North Hollywood

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