Local News in Brief : Peggy Buckey Files Suit

Peggy Ann Buckey, a former defendant in the McMartin Pre-School molestation case, filed suit Tuesday to force the state to renew her credentials to teach in the Anaheim Union High School District.

Buckey, 32, was charged with eight counts of immoral conduct stemming from the alleged molestation of children at the Manhattan Beach preschool, but the charges against her were dismissed in January, 1986.

Buckey, the granddaughter of the school's founder, Virginia McMartin, was a tenured special education teacher in the Anaheim district at the time of her arrest in 1984. She was suspended, but not fired, and her teaching credential expired.

After the charges against her were dismissed, Buckey applied for a renewal of her credential. The Anaheim school district opposed her application and a committee of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing notified her that it would recommend that the commission deny her application.

Her suit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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