Bush, Dukakis Lead in Poll in South

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Vice President George Bush holds a solid lead over Kansas Sen. Bob Dole among Republicans who plan to vote on Super Tuesday, a Gallup Poll has found, and Massachusetts Gov. Michael S. Dukakis has moved to the front of the Democratic pack in most of the states where primaries or caucuses are scheduled March 8.

In the South, Bush leads Dole by 54% to 31% among voters who plan to participate in a GOP primary or caucus. Former religious broadcaster Pat Robertson and New York Rep. Jack Kemp were far behind at 9% and 3%, respectively. In Massachusetts, the largest non-Southern state holding a primary on Super Tuesday, the Bush lead over Dole is 49% to 29%.

Dukakis, meanwhile, boosted by his New Hampshire victory last week, now has the support of 25% of Southern Democrats likely to vote on Super Tuesday, placing him ahead of the two native Southerners, Tennessee Sen. Albert Gore Jr. and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who were each the choice of 18%. Trailing them were former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart at 12%, Missouri Rep. Richard A. Gephardt at 11%, and Illinois Sen. Paul Simon at 6%.

The poll, conducted Feb. 19-21, covered 14 of the 20 states holding primaries or caucuses on Super Tuesday--13 Southern states and Massachusetts. The margin of error is plus or minus 6 percentage points for the Republican voters and plus or minus 5 percentage points for the Democratic survey.

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