Obituaries : Songwriter Carolyn Ann Franklin

From Times Wire Services

Songwriter-singer Carolyn Ann Franklin died Monday of cancer at the home of her sister, soul singer Aretha Franklin.

Miss Franklin’s death at age 43 came a few days after she was awarded a bachelor of arts degree in music from Marygrove College in a special ceremony at Aretha Franklin’s suburban Detroit home.

Carolyn Franklin, who wrote songs for various artists and recorded many of them herself, learned she had cancer in March, 1987, but decided she would not let it stop her from pursuing her education.


“Once she found out, she said she wasn’t going to let herself ponder it. She was one of the bravest persons we’ve ever seen,” said another sister, singer Erma Franklin.

Among Miss Franklin’s compositions were “Gotta Find Me an Angel” and “Ain’t No Way,” both made into million-sellers by Aretha Franklin.

She, Erma and their cousin, Brenda Bryant, sang background on Aretha Franklin’s early records.