FOCUS : Stanton Continues War Against Crime

The city of Stanton has former state assemblyman Phil Stanton's clout to thank for its existence. In the early 1900s, Stanton's influence stopped a plan by the city of Anaheim to create a sewage farm there.

Last June the city considered allowing gambling houses, which would have raised $2.5 million in revenues. But after investigation, the city council voted against it because of a feared increase in crime. The city continues to wage a war against vice on Beach Boulevard.

By December a new shopping center--Plaza on The Boulevard--will be built at a cost of $12 million, with hopes of generating more revenue for the community.

The Stanton Community Theatre, founded and directed by John Craig, produces old theatrical favorites that add a splash of culture to the city.

Government City Council: Sal Sapien (mayor), Martha V. Weishaupt (mayor pro tem), Charles M. Pace, Ed Allen, Paul E. Verellen City Manager: Jim Buell Fire Chief: county Chief of Police: Robert Eason Statistics Population (1986 est.): 27,400 Area: 3.3 square miles Incorporation: June 4, 1956 Median household income: $26,601 Median home value: $81,278 Racial/ethnic mix: white, 82.0%; Latino, 22.9%; black, 2.1%; other, 15.9% (Total is more than 100% because racial/ethnic breakdowns overlap) City Services City Hall (714) 220-2220 10660 S. Western Ave. Police (business) (714) 891-2481 11100 Cedar St. Fire (business) (714) 527-7421 7871 Pacific Post Office (714) 826-1280 10440 Beach Blvd. In Emergency, Dial 911 Employment status Employed persons: 11,314 Unemployed: 575 Not in labor force: 5,918 Per capita income: $7,239 Population Median Age: 30.8 years Education Adults over 25 Years of school completed: 0-11 years: 31.8% 12 years: 38.7% 13-15 years: 19.2% 16+ years: 10.3% Median years completed: 12.4 Statistics: Donnelley Demographics

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