Flowers Head List of Mother’s Day Gifts

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United Press International

The one thing Mom might want most for Mother’s Day is to sleep in, but if that’s not in the cards, it’s a sure thing that millions of mothers will get flowers and candy, according to two industry polls.

Millions of flower gifts will be given to mothers this week according to a poll by the Florists Transworld Delivery Assn., which predicts its members will wire 1.8 million of those bouquets.

The florists association’s national poll found that Americans view flowers as “the warmest” of traditional Mother’s Day gifts, but, not surprisingly, another national phone survey by the National Confectioners Assn. revealed that 34% of households across the country will be giving candy to Mom.


The confectioners say 30 million moms will receive candy with sales topping $292 million for Mother’s Day. The popularity of candy may have something to do with the tastes of the gift givers who might get to share in the bounty. The poll revealed that 40% of households with three or more children plan to buy Mom candy, as well as 35% of households with children age 12 to 17.