Another Witness Contradicts Martin’s Version

Yankee Manager Billy Martin gave police and the media inaccurate accounts of the altercation he was involved in at a topless club in Arlington, Tex., according to a Fort Worth man who says he was an eyewitness and isn’t an employee of the club.

In an interview Monday, Keith Morrow, a college student, said he was in the restroom at Lace, the topless club, at the same time as Martin early last Saturday and saw Martin throw the first and only punch of the incident. Morrow’s account is similar to that of a club employee.

Speaking on the condition that his name not be used, the employee said that he witnessed the incident and helped restrain Martin and remove him from the club through a side door, where, according to the employee, Martin suffered cuts and abrasions after falling against a rough, stucco wall.


Martin, who suffered a 40-stitch cut around his left ear as well as scrapes and bruises on his face, scalp and body, said he was beaten without provocation in the restroom by a man wielding a blunt instrument while another man pinned him against the wall.

Martin gave similar accounts to both the Arlington police and reporters, although he told reporters he was attacked by three men and told police, according to the police report, the number was two.