CAMPAIGN ’88 : Latest Matching Funds

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<i> United Press International </i>

The Federal Election Commission gave presidential candidates another $1.6 million in campaign matching funds, bringing to nearly $54.5 million the total given to White House hopefuls this year.

Dukakis was certified to receive the most money--$583,678--bringing his year-to-date matching fund total to $7,383,797.

That is the third highest cumulative matching fund total, behind Vice President George Bush and his GOP rival-turned-supporter Pat Robertson, both of whom have collected more than $8 million but who were not certified for additional matching funds Wednesday.


The Rev. Jesse Jackson, falling further behind Dukakis, was certified to receive $513,292, bringing his year-to-date total to $3.2 million. Sen. Paul Simon (D-Ill.), who suspended his campaign last month, was certified to get $171,058, bringing his 1988 total to $2.9 million.

Independent and third party candidate Lenora Fulani was certified to receive $65,862, bringing her cumulative total to $446,359.

Two candidates who withdrew early from the presidential contest were the only others to be certified for matching funds Wednesday. Democrat Bruce Babbitt, the former Arizona governor, was certified to receive $49,325, bringing his total to $985,319, while Republican Alexander M. Haig Jr. was certified to get $18,667, bringing his 1988 matching fund total to $514,294.