Kenya Catholics Starting New Monthly Religious Magazine

From Religious News Service

The Catholic community in Kenya is starting a monthly religious magazine after a leading ecumenical magazine was banned by the government.

The new magazine is backed by the Council of Bishops in Kenya and will serve as a forum for discussion of "pastoral and human interests," according to a report by the All-Africa Press Service.

Bishop Ndingi Mwana A'Nzeki, chairman of the bishops council, said, "I am happy that this long-cherished dream is now a reality."

The new paper will be edited by two nuns, Sisters Anna Bagadiong and Maria de Carli.

The two belong to the Daughters of St. Paul, an order dedicated to the promotion of Christianity through the media. About 40 members of the order are serving the Catholic Church in Africa.

The ecumenical magazine "Beyond" was banned March 16 after publishing editorials critical of the way the government ran the recent elections in Kenya.

According to a report in the Ecumenical Press Service, Kenyan President Daniel Moi criticized the National Council of Churches of Kenya for its sponsorship of "Beyond" but at the same time praised a "good" pastoral letter on the elections issued by the Catholic bishops.

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