Column Gets These Hockey Fans Fighting Mad

I read with, first, amusement and then growing anger Scott Ostler's column (May 10) regarding the ugly Jim Schoenfeld and Don Koharski incident during the NHL's semifinals. Schoenfeld's behavior was inexcusable. So was Mr. Ostler's column.

The Times knows so little about the game of hockey that I am frequently amazed it even bothers to send reporters to Kings' games. According to Mr. Ostler, he asked Kings beat reporter Jerry Crowe if there were ever hockey games with no fights, and that Mr. Crowe said that all NHL games have fights. I have known for a while, just from reading his "accounts" of the games, that Mr. Crowe is not paying attention to the same games I attend, but this insult proves the point. Many NHL games have no fights. I think the league should get rid of them altogether, but that's not the point. What are you guys watching?

So consistently good a columnist as Mr. Ostler should not stoop to such levels. Come out to a game with someone who understands and loves it, Mr. Ostler, only then may you judge.


Los Angeles

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