<i> Films going into production:</i>

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<i> Compiled by David Pecchia</i>

The Cold Room (Omega). Shooting in Southern California. Two kids from the city are forced to relocate to the sticks with Grandma and Grandpa. The pair suddenly become the targets of a murderous stalker. Executive producers Peter Jensen and Peter Rader. Producer Nico Mastorakis. Director Rader. Screenwriters Rader and Jensen. Cast credits unnegotiated at this point.

Untitled Indiana Jones (Lucasfilm). Shooting in London and Spain. Steven Spielberg orchestrates the action/adventure (from George Lucas’ story) with Harrison Ford returning as the daring archeologist. (No plot from the producers, sorry; it’s--shhhhh--a secret.) Sean Connery joins the excitement. Executive producers George Lucas and Frank Marshall. Producer Robert Watts. Screenwriter Jeffrey Boam. Distributor Paramount. Summer ’89 release.

Jacknife (King’s Road). Shooting in Connecticut and Montreal. Robert De Niro and Ed Harris are Vietnam vets reunited 15 years after the war. Things get sticky when De Niro falls for Harris’ sis (Kathy Baker) as both confront unpleasant truths about their past. Stephen Metcalfe adapts his own play, “Strange Snow.” Executive producer Sandy Gallin. Producers Robert Schaffel and Carol Baum. Director David Jones.


To Die For (Dracula ‘89). Shooting in L.A. This updated version of the Dracula scenario is being told from a woman’s point of view and will depict the fanged one in a much more sympathetic light, ca. 1889. Executive producers Greg H. Sims and Lee Caplin. Producer Barin Kumar. Director Deran Sarafian. Screenwriter Leslie E. King. Stars Brendan Hughes, Sydney Walsh, Steve Bond, Amanda Wyss and Scott Jacoby.

Train to Heaven (Esparza/Katz). Shooting in Equador. James Coburn befriends a young street urchin and his dog as they escape from an orphanage and board a train to freedom. Torgny Anderberg writes and directs from his novel. Executive producers Robert Katz and Moctesuma Esparza. Producer Anders Birkeland.

Wired (Wired Joint Venture). Shooting in L.A. Michael Chiklis portrays the late John Belushi in a black comedy-drama narrating the tumultuous life and times of the self-destructive comedian. Producers Edward S. Feldman and Charles R. Meeker. Director Larry Peerce. Screenwriter Earl Mac Rauch.