For the 40th District, Rosenberg’s the Man

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Twelve Republicans seek to fill the vacant congressional seat in the county’s southwestern 40th District. Because the district is one of the most Republican areas in the nation, it is a foregone conclusion that the Republican who wins nomination June 7 will win the general election in November and go on to Congress.

If the voters decide the race on the basis of which Republican is best qualified to represent the district, they will have to send Nathan Rosenberg into the November election. He knows the district. He is a successful businessman. He also knows Washington and how Congress works. He has worked there in responsible posts in the Pentagon and the Senate.

If the voters decide the race on the basis of which candidate has the ability to be an effective legislator and work well with other members of Congress, not only with his own party but the majority Democratic Party, again they would have to choose Rosenberg. He is a dedicated Republican, but he has worked with a Democratic administration and with some of its key lawmakers and staff members.


Finally, if the voters decide the race on the basis of which candidate has the political courage needed to be an aggressive--and independent--member of the House, they would have to nominate Rosenberg.

In the 40th District primary two years ago, Rosenberg had the courage to stand up against some GOP officials who sought to protect Rep. Robert E. Badham’s incumbency and discourage any primary challenge, even though one was warranted. Rosenberg didn’t buckle under the pressure. He challenged Badham. He lost, but considering that he was then virtually unknown in the district and that he had little time to mount an effective campaign, Rosenberg made a creditable showing, getting 34% of the vote against an entrenched incumbent. And the challenge made Badham a more responsive and visible representative.

In this election to pick a successor to Badham, who chose not to run again, Rosenberg again stands out as the most qualified choice. Peer Swan, who has been active on county water and sanitation boards, is another candidate the Republican Party should be grooming for public service, but Rosenberg is the top all-around candidate on the GOP primary slate.

With so many candidates in the 40th District race, the campaign has been reduced to capsule comments and some mailers that gloss over details on the issues. To overcome that, Rosenberg has put out an innovative 79-page book that attempts to explain who he is and where he stands on some major issues. We don’t agree with every position he takes, but we do like his intelligent and open approach.

The outcome of the election is important, not only to Republicans in the 40th District, but to all Orange County residents.

The chances are that the Republican nominee will hold the seat for many years. The last thing the county delegation needs is inept representation or another political ideologue. The 40th Congressional District needs effective, independent and intelligent representation. Nathan Rosenberg can provide that, and we urge Republicans to nominate him June 7, for the good of the Republican Party, the 40th Congressional District, Orange County and the nation.