White Sox’s Greg Walker Collapses From Seizure During Batting Practice

The White Sox received a scare before their game with the Angels Saturday when first baseman Greg Walker collapsed from a seizure during batting practice.

Walker was fielding ground balls hit by White Sox coach Ed Brinkman when, suddenly, he sank to one knee and his right arm began shaking. Then Walker rolled over on his back and began to convulse.

“At first, his lips were starting to turn blue,” Chicago bullpen coach Dyar Miller said. Four trainers, including Rick Smith of the Angels, were needed to hold Walker down and pry open his mouth to prevent Walker from swallowing his tongue. Walker bit his tongue and chipped a tooth from biting down so hard on a pair of scissors.

Once stabilized, Walker was carried from the field on a stretcher and taken to Mercy Hospital. Preliminary tests ruled out brain obstructions, and later in the afternoon, Walker was transferred to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Ill., where White Sox head physician Dr. James Boscardin is on the staff.

Walker, 28, was reported to be coherent and resting comfortably. He will remain at Christ Hospital for two or three days to undergo further testing, including a battery of neurological examinations. Walker has no history of seizures or epilepsy.