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<i> Compiled by Terry Atkinson</i>

“Empire of the Sun.” Warner. $89.95. 1987. PG. File next to “The Color Purple”--one of Steven Spielberg’s Serious Works, about an English boy in WWII Japanese prison camp.

“The Glass Menagerie.” MCA. $79.95. 1987. PG. Second Hollywood tackling of Tennessee Williams’ most gentle play, far more faithful than the first. Joanne Woodward, Karen Allen, John Malkovich, James Naughton. Directed by Paul Newman.

“For Keeps.” RCA/Columbia. $89.95. 1987. PG-13. Molly Ringwald gets pregnant in a comedy/drama not directed by John Hughes (John Avildsen did it).

“Cross My Heart.” MCA. $79.95. 1987. R. Martin Short and Annette O’Toole as self-conscious singles seeking social sustenance.


“Written on the Wind.” MCA. $29.95. 1956. Melodrama about rich, amoral brother and sister--a favorite of fans of director Douglas Sirk. Rock Hudson, Lauren Bacall, Dorothy Malone (best supporting actress Oscar), Robert Stack.

“Walk on the Wild Side.” RCA/Columbia. $69.95. 1962. Steamy and shocking for its day, this melodrama’s plot revolves around New Orleans brothel. Revolving with it are Jane Fonda, Barbara Stanwyck and that hole in the screen Laurence Harvey.

“Dust.” Monarch. $79.95. 1985. Woman tries to establish system of equality on South African farm. Winner of Silver Lion at ’85 Venice Festival. Information: (800) 621-1333.

“Exorcist II: The Heretic.” Warner. $19.98. 1977. R. Original 118-minute version of sequel that had critics asking what possessed the people who made it.

Other Videos

“George Michael: Faith.” “Terence Trent D’Arby: Introducing the Hardline ... Live.” CMV. Michael: $15.98. 35 min. D’Arby: $19.98. 65 min. A clip compilation and a concert/documentary from two CBS Records artists who may be their own biggest fans--but aren’t hurting for others, either.

“Waldheim: A Commission of Inquiry.” HBO. $79.99. 155 min. Five judges listen to evidence for and against the president of Austria regarding his conduct during WWII.


“Tanner ’88.” HBO. $79.99. 120 min. Compilation of mock-documentaries about political candidate, written by Garry Trudeau and directed by Robert Altman.

“Going Hollywood: The War Years.” Warner. $19.98. 76 min. Documentary on film folks’ WWII efforts.