Vons Set to Move Its Headquarters

As if Vons Cos. didn't have enough upheaval with its recent purchase of Safeway's Southern California stores, now the company intends to move its corporate headquarters.

The El Monte-based grocery company plans to buy, for undisclosed terms, a three-level store in Arcadia from May Co. California and convert it to office space.

Vons, which a spokeswoman said is now "bursting at the seams" in three separate buildings, will transfer the first of about 1,000 employees to the 240,000-square-foot location beginning as early as next month.

How closely has Vons sized up this move? The spokeswoman says the new facility is precisely 2.7 miles from the El Monte site.

As for May Co., the 110 to 120 Arcadia employees will all be offered jobs at other stores, according to Chairman Edgar S. Mangiafico. The chain has decided to close the free-standing location because of stiff competition from nearby Santa Anita Fashion Park.

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